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What is Hair Transplantation? Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be applied for conditions such as hair loss, traumatic injuries and baldness due to genetic factors. Hair loss and baldness are more common especially in people over 50 years old. Hair loss brings with it the appearance of old age. Anyone experiencing hair loss can have a hair transplant. The hairs taken from the nape roots of the people are transplanted to the shed parts of the hair. Sometimes there may not be a hair root in the nape part. In this case, hair transplantation is performed with roots taken from the patient's arms, mustache and beard areas. The most important goal here is to make natural and permanent studies that will not be obvious where the hair is planted.

How to do hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation should be performed by specialist physicians in fully equipped clinics and hospitals. Such operations should never be attempted in places that are called under the stairs because they are cheap. Hair transplantation, which is a minor surgical procedure, may take a few sessions or more depending on the excess of empty spaces in the person. Anesthesia is applied to the patient before transplantation. With the application of local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain. After the application, the patient is discharged within a few hours. If he feels pain in the planting areas, he can use painkillers given by the doctor. After sowing, the head of the person is wrapped with tape. In this way, the risk of infection of the patient is prevented and the area is protected against external factors.

Methods Used in Hair Transplantation and Hair Transplantation Prices

Hair follicles taken from certain parts of the body and nape are called grafts. The roots taken are applied to the area one by one with the FUE method, which is expressed as a non-marking technique. There may be slight scars on the nape during root removal. These traces disappear over time. There is absolutely no scarring in the hair transplant area. Which planting method, how and where it will be applied in the person is determined by the examinations to be made. How they will look after hair transplantation is displayed in the computer environment before transplantation. In this regard, the patient's demands are also kept in the foreground. Hair transplantation is a treatment offered with the most affordable price ranges among aesthetic treatments.

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