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Basic Information About Back Hernia

What is a herniated disc?

Lumbar hernia is known as nerve compression in the lumbar region. There is a disc between the vertebrae in the lumbar region. The bud disc ruptures and enters between the nerves. The severity of herniated disc varies from person to person. Some may have more than one herniated disc. hernias can occur at the same time or at certain time intervals. The larger the tear, the greater the pain intensity. Lumbar hernias due to small tears do not seriously affect daily life. When lumbar hernia and lumbar slip or other ailments are combined, the pain becomes higher. Men, women, young and old, almost everyone can have a herniated disc. The disease has no specific age or gender

What Causes Lumbar Hernia? What are the symptoms?

Herniated disc is generally caused by lifting heavy loads and sudden movements. Herniated disc may also occur in cases of strain, fall and accidental ruptures. The disease is not fatal, but it seriously reduces the quality of life. The disease may be more severe or mild from person to person. When you get up in the morning, you may have difficulty pressing the sole and you may experience frequent leg pain. The greatest effect of herniated disc is seen with pain in the legs and restriction of the range of motion. Overweight people have more pain. As you get weaker and exercise, these pains decrease significantly. The fact that the hernia causes severe pain for a long time with attacks in certain periods affects the life standards of people. Low back pain, loss of muscle strength, impotence, fatigue, urinary incontinence, loss of balance and difficulty in sitting and walking are the symptoms of herniated disc.

Lumbar Hernia Treatment Methods

In cases where exercise, muscle relaxants, creams and natural treatment methods do not work, the only solution is surgery. Doctors prefer surgery as the last resort. In our country, very successful treatment methods are applied in this field. Epidural steroid injections, physical therapy are treatment methods applied in alternative medicine for disease. It should be rested, but lying down and resting for a long time can cause further weakness in the muscles. It is extremely important to do daily exercises without forcing them. Primitive methods such as waist pulling should definitely not be tried. These methods, which even lead to back injuries, are definitely not recommended.

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